The Astral Domain of Arvandor is a vast infinite expanse covered in lush forests, massive mountains, perfectly clear streams, placid lakes, and an ocean called the Sparkling Sea as befitting of the home of the Seldarine.

As it is possible to find deep primal spots on the Mortal World that one can walk into the Feywild so it is possible in the deepest primal spots in the Feywild to walk into Arvandor. These places are rare and extremely difficult to find, but they do exist.

Locations: Crescent Grove

The center of Arvandor is the great palace Cresent Grove, the home of Corellon and Araushnee. Crescent Grove is a flawless union of nature and artistry, uniting white marble pillars and walkways with towering white-barked trees. At the center stands a tall tower called the Overlook, which offers a breathtaking view of the entire domain. Many guests of Arvandor spend some of their time here, reflecting in quiet contemplation and enjoying some undisturbed solitude.

It is believed that the roots of Saosis, the Tree of Life, extend into this domain.

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