Corellon, or more fully Corellon Larethian, is the patron god of the Eladrin and is considered to be foremost among the Seldarine. His wife and lover is Araushnee. Some myths claim that Corellon gave birth to the rest of his pantheon in his female aspect, while others claim that he fathered them on Araushnee.

Gruumsh One-Eye became Corellon’s greatest enemy after Corellon plucked out the orc-god’s eye in ancient times. The entire orc pantheon hates Corellon intensely. Corellon opposes the deities of the goblinoids as well.

Corellon resides in the Astral Domain of Arvandor with the rest of the Seldarine.

Corellon’s titles include: Creator of the Eladrin, the Protector, First of the Seldarine, Protector and Preserver of Life, Ruler of All Eladrin, Coronal of Arvandor

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