The Gods of Elven Blood

The Deities as listed on pg. 21-22 in the PHB all exist in the world of Elven Blood as listed. In addition the Eladrin worship a pantheon of gods known as the Seldarine.

The sacred texts of the Eladrin contain the following information:

“It is in the High Forest of Arvandor that the Seldarine dwell. The Seldarine look to foremost amongst them, Corellon as their leader. To keep the peace among them, he gave each tasks and responsibilities so that each would have something that was all their own. Corellon claimed jurisdiction of arcane magic and the fey. To Sehanine was given, as was her due, the moon and autumn and also of illusions and trickery. To Melora was given the wilderness and the seas; to Aerdrie was given the skies and its creatures; to Labelas, the mountains, and the passage of time. To the twins, Fenmarel and Solonor, he gave rulership of the beasts of the land. Fenmarel, who dwelled in the wilderness, grew closer to the beasts among whom he lived. Solonor, who lived among the Eladrin people, taught them how to live in harmony with beasts, hunting only what they needed and teaching them the art of woodcraft and of the bow. To his own children, Corellon gave the matters that move the Eladrin heart. To Hanali was given romantic love; to Erevan the spirit of cleverness; to Zandilar the Dancer, the love of life; and to his youngest daughter Eilistraee, music and joy. Last but not least, Corellon gave to his beloved wife and lover, Araushnee, control of artisans and the mastery of Eladrin destiny above all her children.”

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