The Races of Elven Blood

The Races of Elven Blood are as listed in the Players Handbook 1 & 2 except were noted below.

Players Handbook 1 Races

The Dragonborn have a slow rate of reproduction where compared to Humans, but fast in comparison to the Eladrin. Over the last millennium they have built up a mighty and stable Empire: Arkhosia.

The memory of their servitude and enslavement to the Primordials, and their emancipation is still a recent memory for the Dwarves.

The primary race of this Campaign. See link for more details.

Elves do not exist as defined in the PHB. Elf is the Common word for the Eladrin.

Half-Elves are unknown. Humans and Eladrin do not mix romantically and if they were to the progeny from such a union is unheard of.

Halflings primarily exist in the Mortal World. They do well at staying unnoticed.

Humans are fast breeding and precocious inhabitants of the Mortal World. Over they last millennium they have gone from a minor, fur wearing, club bearing race to a major factor in the Mortal World. The most powerful faction of Humans have only recently, in the last few hundred years, built themselves a formidable Empire: Bael Turath

Tieflings as a race do not exist. The name is often used in reference to someone who has become tainted by infernal forces (most commonly heard of are Human Warlocks).

Players Handbook 2 Races

Deva’s exist. Virtually no-one has heard of a Deva, let alone seen one.

Gnomes are fighting hard against the Formians, struggling to free themselves and hide from their masters. Great inroads have been made, but there is still a significant portion of the race still under the yoke.

Goliaths are virtually unheard of creatures of the Mortal World. Very few people have encountered them.

Half-Orcs are very rare. Rumors exist speaking of how Half-Orcs are used as elite leaders in the Hobgoblin Empire: Harokis.

Longtooth/Razorclaw Shifter
These races are not known to exist.

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