Sehanine or more properly Sehanine Moonbow is the god of the moon and autumn as well as the patron of trickery and illusions. She is also the god of love, who sends shadows to cloak lovers’ trysts. Scouts and thieves ask for her blessing on their work. Sehanien is one of the more powerful members of the Seldarine.

Sehanine appears as a youthful and ageless female Eladrin wearing a diaphanous gown made from moonbeams. In combat she wields Moonshaft, a quarterstaff. As befits the goddess of mysteries, Sehanine is cloaked in secrets and illusions and rarely speaks her mind directly, preferring to communicate through a process of dreams, visions, and other mystic experiences. The Goddess of Moonlight is truly spiritual and ephemeral being who evades any attempt to define her. Her serenity surrounds her like a mantle of moondust.

Sehanine lives in the Astral Domain of Arvandor.

Her titles include: Daughter of the Night Skies, Goddess of Moonlight, the Lunar Lady, Moonlit Mystery, the Mystic Seer, the Luminous Cloud, Lady of Dreams

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