The Planes

The World Axis

The World Axis is so named because the mortal world and its parallel planes form an axis or pivot point linking the two great infinite expanses — the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. The mortal world is therefore the fulcrum where elemental forces and divine forces meet.

The World Axis consists of a core of five planes that have their own discrete existence, plus scores of dominions or realms that are features or locales of another plane.

The Mortal World

Before the mortal world existed, the universe was divided into two parts: the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. Some legends say that those two were once one realm.

In myth and legend it is said that the primordials formed the mortal world from the raw materials of the Elemental Chaos. Looking down on this work from the Astral Sea, the gods were fascinated with this new world. Creatures of thought and ideal, the gods saw endless room for improvement in the primordials’ work, and their imaginings took form and substance from the abundance of creation-stuff still drifting in the cosmos. Life spread across the face of the world, the churning elements resolved into oceans and landmasses, diffuse light became a sun and moon and stars. The gods drew astral essence and mixed it with the tiniest bits of creation-stuff to create mortals to populate the world and worship them. Dwarves, Dragonborn, Humans and others Races appeared in this period of spontaneous creation.

The Mortal World is called: Sangreth

The War of Creation

According to most scholars, the primordials were resentful of the gods’ meddling in their work, and began a war that shook the universe. A few scholars hypothesize that it was the gods and not the primordials that started the war, attempting to wrest control from those who had created the mortal world. However the war started, the battles raged across the cosmos for uncounted centuries. The gods slowly gained the upper hand, successfully imprisoning or banishing many of the primordials. However, this war threatened the very existence of the mortal world. In the last days of the war, a new force made itself known in the cosmos: the spiritual expression of the mortal world itself. These primal spirits sought an end to the conflict, asserting that the mortal world would no longer be a battleground for the two opposing forces. Much speculation surrounds how exactly the war drew to a close, however most agree in the end that the gods defeated the primordials. Some say that the gods and the primordials were banished to their home planes, still able to influence the world, but unable rule it.

The Mirror Worlds

Scholars say that as the mortal world took shape, the primordials found some pieces too vivid and bright, and set them aside. They found other pieces too murky and dark, and set them aside as well. These unused bits of creation formed together in echoes of the shaping of the world. As the gods joined in the act of creation, more ripples spread out into the parallel worlds, bringing creatures to life there as well. Thus the mortal world was born with two siblings, inextricably linked: the bright Feywild and the dark Shadowfell. They are the closest of the planes to the mortal world.

The Feywild (or Plane of Faerie) is an enchanted reflection of the mortal world. Arcane energy flows through it like streams of crystal water. Its beauty and majesty is unparalleled in the mortal world, and every creature of the wild is imbued with a measure of fantastic power. It is here that the Eladrin race was born.

The Shadowfell (or Plane of Shadow) is a dark echo of the world. It touches the mortal world in places of deep shadow, sometimes spilling out into the mortal world, and other times drawing hapless travelers into its dark embrace. It is not wholly evil, but everything in the Shadowfell has its dark and sinister side. When mortal creatures die, their spirits travel first to the Shadowfell before moving on to their final fate.


Arvandor is the name of the Astral Domain that is home to the Seldarine, the gods of the Eladrin Pantheon.

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