Elven Blood is a D&D 4e Campaign.

World: Core D&D World – Set primarily in the Feywild
Time: Set about 1,000+ years before Core D&D
Races Allowed: Only Eladrin (also see Races)
Classes Allowed:

  • The party should contain at least one Cleric of the Elven Pantheon.
  • Arcane Classes encouraged.
  • All published Classes available in the WotC Character Generator are available. (IE: Swordmage from Forgotten Realms setting).


This is the time of the Eladrin.

For the Eladrin, the war between the Gods and the Primordials is only a recent memory. The Eladrin are blessed with exceptionally long lives, and some of the eldest can count their ages to well over two millennium.

The Eladrin dwell in the Feywild, separated from the Mortal World by only a thin veil easily crossed. Along with the Shadowfell these three worlds are deeply interconnected. At the root of the connection is Saosis, the Tree of Life, .

The Eladrin have tamed a small but significant portion of the Feywild, and have spread throughout the Feywild. The Eladrin construct fierce, ethereal, gorgeous Crystal Cities. These cities are considered a hallmark of their race, as they expand. The civilization of the Eladrin is waxing.


Note: In this campaign ‘Eladrin’ is the proper name in Elven for their race. In Common they are simply refered to as ‘Elves’.

Elven Blood

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